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Bright Star Learning Center, LLC (BSLC) is an early childhood development and learning preschool and daycare center. In their earliest years, children experience many basic elements of life that might have positive or negative effects on the rest of their lives. Quality, consistent and genuine child care for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children is essential for building a solid groundwork for future learning and success, and it is BSLC’s goal to provide the basis of this foundation. The topics we emphasize at this center are:

  • Fundamental education
    • Through the use of flashcards, educational books, structured activities and learning-oriented games, children learn important educational building blocks such as letters, numbers, colors, sight words and ASL signs.
  • Creativity
    • Children at BSLC are encouraged toward creative expression through a variety of outlets, including dress up, art projects and dance/movement activities.
  • Respect
    • BSLC promotes a safe and respectful learning environment for children of all ages, and it is our goal to encourage values of respect and kindness among classmates through positive "I LOVE U” rituals and cooperative activities inclusive of everyone.
  • Communication
    • BSLC values the importance of using words to communicate feelings, and children are encouraged to learn and use their ability to use words to express their wants and needs to teachers and classmates.
  • Fun
    • It’s the kids’ at BSLC’s number-one job to play, so fun is very important to us at this center (and easy to come by with our various playgrounds, extensive book collection and variety of age-appropriate toys).
  • Sharing
    • Like our value of respect, sharing among classmates is a core value we promote at BSLC. By fostering a sense of importance regarding sharing, children at this center will learn cooperative skills that contribute to future educational and social successes.
  • Patience
    • For both teachers and children at BSLC, patience is a very important factor in the classroom. Teachers ask that children use their patience both with their classmates and instructors, whether it is while waiting for cups at lunch or for a friend to share a toy.
  • Friendship
    • Classrooms at BSLC are always a friendly environment, and all children are encouraged to play and socialize with each and every classmate. Structured group activities such as class-wide story time — as well as loosely structured activities such as outdoor play and dress up — foster a sense of community among BSLC kids that encourages excitement about coming to school and being a part of the group.
  • Emotions
    • Children at BSLC are encouraged to express their emotions in a positive and safe way — even if the emotions aren’t always the happiest. By using deep-breathing techniques to regain self-control, individualized teacher-student attention and "I LOVE U” rituals that provide calming and reassurance, teachers provide hands-on and productive ways for emotional expression in the classroom.
  • Imagination
    • Like creativity, imagination is something we value and encourage at BSLC. Outdoor playgrounds and various play structures open many imaginary doors for young children at this center, as do various indoor activities such as dress up and themed art projects.
  • Exercise
    • Being healthy at a young age is extremely important, and at BSLC, we promote an active and exercise-friendly environment. Through the use of structured games, optional participatory activities on the Gymnastics Express Bus and outdoor activities and structures, kids at BSLC are encouraged to
  • Nutrition
    • Meals and snacks at BSLC are prepared and served in compliance with all health and safety codes, as well as with healthy bodies in mind. BSLC kids can expect a changing menu of yummy breakfasts, lunches and snack foods, which range from pizza (on Mondays only!), waffles, fruits and vegetables to pretzels, crackers and health-conscious cookies. BSLC is also equipped to accommodate a variety of allergies and special dietary needs that children may require.

It is BSLC’s goal that parents and staff will communicate openly and work together to provide a positive experience for each and every child.

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