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Please understand that we are teaching in classrooms, if there is a delay in response.  Thank you!

A signed contract is due at time of enrollment. All other informational forms regarding your child need to be filled out and returned to the center on or prior to your child’s first day of care.

A deposit of $400 is due at the time of enrollment. The deposit will be deducted from tuition for your child’s last month of care. Failure to give the required termination notice of 30 days will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Tuition is payable on the first of the month for the days your child is enrolled for care that month. A $5 per day fee will be charged for tuition payments made after the first. Tuition is the same for full and partial days of attendance. Tuition is paid for all days that care is canceled due to illness

Sibling Discount
A $5 per week discount is given to additional children from the same immediate family.

Rate Change Evaluation
Rate changes are evaluated each November. The evaluation will review national inflation, cost of living increases, fluctuation in the cost of supplies and major business expenses.

Termination of Agreement/Enrollment
Either party may terminate this contract and enrollment status. Each party shall give 30 days notice of intent to terminate this agreement. If the child presents a danger to other children or staff, care will be terminated immediately.

Tuition Rates:   
6 weeks-24 months of age: 

Full Time $240/week (5 days/week)

24 months-36 months of age: 

Full Time $215/week (5 days/week)
Part Time $49/day (MWF or TR) *Requires director's approval

36 months-5 years of age:

Full Time $205/week (5 days/week)
Part Time $49/day (MWF or TR) *Requires director's approval


  • Partial days are not available. 
  • Part time enrollment options are only for children age 2-6 years.
  • Part time enrollment schedules are only "Monday/Wednesday/Friday" or "Tuesday/Thursday"
  • Part time enrollment must have director's approval and will only be granted as our enrollment schedule allows.


State of Missouri Enrollment Form

State of Missouri Child Medical Exam Report


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