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"Bright Star has been my children’s home away from home. Every day when I drop them off, I know that they are in a safe, loving place and it sets my mind at ease while I have to work. Michelle (the director) has kept a very welcoming open line of communication and is willing to discuss any concerns and praises that a parent/child has. Seeing the excitement in my children’s faces when they get to school each day warms my heart.”
-Lacy Priesmeyer, part of the Bright Star "family” since October 2007 & mom of Brooks, 7, and Norah, 5.

"We visited many daycare centers to find the perfect place for our child, and for first time parents this can be very nerve racking and scary.  When we visited Bright Star, Michelle was very welcoming, extremely organized, and had answers to questions we didn't even think to ask as newbies.  She even handed us a packet of information for us to read regarding Bright Star and expectations for us!  Who would think there would be stuff for the parents to do? But this only makes sense that what is taught at school should carry over into the home for consistency. There are goals for each childs' development clearly printed and posted on the walls, daily notes sent home about each child's day, and stars written everyday about something special the child did.  I personally love the surprise pictures teachers send me of my kids during the day.  We love Bright Star and gladly recommend it to parents.  We get comments about how well our oldest son speaks and we owe it all to Bright Star!”
-Kalynn Ramsey, part of the Bright Star "family” since June 2010 & mom of Sam, 4, and Ben, 2.

"I love the respect that is shown to all at Bright Star. The teachers focus
on what should happen rather than what shouldn't which reinforces the
philosophy we use at home. It was not an option for me to stay home with my
son, but the family environment at Bright Star is the next best thing!”
-Dawn Huckins, part of the Bright Star "family” since July 2010 & mom of Cooper, 4.

"Kalynn and I were recommended to Bright Star from and friend. We are told Bright Star is a structured but very caring and fun daycare for your children to development. And they were right! My kids are loved at Bright Star, but it has also helped to development my children. They surprise me every day with something new they have learned. And they love to go see Mrs. Michelle!”
-Josh Ramsey, part of the Bright Star "family since June 2010 & dad of Sam, 4, and Ben 2.

"I would like to recommend Michelle Cox [Lally] and her childcare establishment, Bright Star. My son attended Bright Star from age 10 weeks to 2 ½ years, and throughout that time we were extraordinarily happy with the care that he received from Michelle and her teaching assistants at Bright Star. As a full-time working mother, one of the most important decisions that I have had to make is where my child would spend his time in my absence. Knowing that he was not only safe, but also provided with a nurturing, stimulating, and structured environment was of the upmost importance. Thankfully, we found all of these things in Michelle and Bright Star daycare. "
-Kara Braudis, mom of Bright Star alumni, Syler, 5

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